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Ben McAllister is a fictional vampire and a minor character featured in the supernatural-themed ABC television series The Gates. Played by actor Linden Ashby, he first appeared in the third episode of season one, "Breach".

Biography[edit | edit source]

Ben McAllister was a resident of The Gates and lived on Williamsburg Road with his wife Lynn. A silent alarm was tripped at the McAllister residence and Nick Monohan and Marcus Jordan responded to the call. When they arrived however, they found that Ben and his wife had returned home early and seemingly set off the alarm themselves. ("Breach")

A short while later, Ben attended a Homeowners Association meeting at The Gates Country Club. He got into an argument with his neighbor, Simon Ford, whom Ben knew was a werewolf. Ben wanted him to change the timing on his sprinklers so that he didn't get wet walking out for work in the morning. Simon made a snide remark about the sprinklers washing away his protective sunscreen. The argument quickly erupted into a full-blown fight and Chief Monohan and a vampire named Dylan Radcliff were forced to break it up.

The following morning, Simon Ford was found beaten and unconscious on his front lawn beneath the sprinklers. Ben McAllister was immediately suspected of assaulting him and brought in for questioning. Ben had an alibi for his whereabouts later in the evening, but directed Chief Monohan towards another potential suspect, Coach Ross, another man whom Simon has had problems with in the past, and one who also happened to be a werewolf as well. ("Dog Eat Dog")

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  1. Date approximated based upon the age of actor Linden Ashby.

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