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The Walking Dead[edit | edit source]

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Beatrice was a woman who lived at a community at the Oceanside Cabin Motor Court on the East coast of Virginia. Beatrice was one of many such women who rebelled against the extortion of the Saviors, which resulted in the latter slaughtering every male member of the group over the age of ten. As such, Oceanside maintained a rigid doctrine that required all members to shoot and kill strangers on sight. A woman from another community named Tara Chambler was discovered on the campground, and every able-bodied female took up arms to track her down. Beatrice came the closest to capturing her, but Tara ambushed her from around the corner of a cabin and disarmed her. She hit Beatrice in the head with the butt of her rifle, but was then captured moments later by a little girl named Rachel. Tara likely would have been shot had it not been for the intervention of another group member named Cyndie. Beatrice and another gun-toting Oceanside resident named Kathy brought Tara to a cabin where she was questioned at length by their leader, Natania. When asked about her past, Tara lied and told them that she once worked on a boat. Beatrice asked her what kind of boat she worked on, giving examples such as a "larder" (which is not a boat). When Tara said that she did work on such a vessel, Beatrice knew she was lying. After much deliberation, Natania told Tara that Beatrice and Kathy would escort her to a bridge some distance away from Oceanside. In truth, the two women were instructed to kill Tara once she was far enough away from the campground. Tara picked up on this and fought back, ultimately escaping from Beatrice. (Walking Dead: Swear)

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