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"Twelve rooms. Twelve vacancies."
Norman Bates[src]
Bates Motel.jpg
Bates Motel
Aliases: Seafairer Motel [1]
Category: Business
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: Arizona (Films)
Oregon (TV)
City: Phoenix (Films)
White Pine Bay (TV)
Appearances: Bates Motel; Psycho
1st appearance: Psycho (1960)

The Bates Motel is a fictional business featured in the original Psycho film series, as well as the 1987 NBC television movie Bates Motel, the 1998 Psycho remake film and the 2013 A&E TV series Bates Motel. The motel is always seen as part of the overall family estate, which also includes the Bates residence.

Points of Interest

Room #1
Room #1 was the first room at the motel and was directly adjacent to the main office. This room was distinguished from the others in that it contained a secret peep hole that led into the parlor of the office. In 1960, Norman Bates rented this room out to Marion Crane. He observed disrobing in secrecy as she prepared to take a shower. Norman slipped into the persona of Mrs. Bates, dressed up in a wig and dress and burst into the bathroom of room #1, stabbing Marion Crane multiple times until she was dead. [2]
Room #9
In the Bates Motel television series, this room was rented by a man under the alias of Jake Abernathy. Prior to the motel coming under the ownership of Norma Bates, Jake had a standing arrangement with the motel's previous owner, Keith Summers (who was also his business partner), allowing him to rent out the same room for an extended period of time every few months. This was one of the rooms that Abernathy and Summers used as part of their illegal sex slave trade operation. When Norma Bates began to get suspicious about Abernathy, she refunded his money and kicked him out. Abernathy repaid Norma's hospitality by disinterring the remains of Deputy Zack Shelby and leaving his rotting corpse in her bedroom. [3][4]

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  • The Wifi password at the Bates Motel is "mother". Of course it is. [10]

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