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Barbara Jansen was a minor character featured on the ABC television series The Gates. Played by actress Barbara Alyn Woods, she was introduced episode four of season one, "The Monster Within".

Biography[edit | edit source]

Barbara Jansen was a resident of The Gates in Washington State. She moved into The Gates around 2004 with her husband Alex Dupree and opened up a clothing outlet called the B & G Dress Shop with a woman named Gloria Bennett. Barbara was considered a "free spirit" and she began developing a romantic interest in Gloria. As Alex could no longer provide her with what she felt was missing from her life, their marriage began to fall apart and they eventually divorced. ("Jurisdiction")

Known amongst her neighbors as the town gossip, Barbara was said to "know everything that goes on at The Gates". In 2010, she helped Sarah Monohan and Claire Radcliff's daughters prepare for the 5th Annual Father/Daughter dance.

She later saw Claire having dinner with Christian Harper outside The Gates. She made a snide remark about all of the quaity time Claire was spending away from her husband. After she left, Christian volunteered to kill Barbara, but Claire dissuaded him from such a violent course of action. ("The Monster Within")

Alex Dupree wanted to patch things up with his wife, so he followed her home from the lounge one evening to the dress shop. The two argued and Alex shook her, but Barbara fell backward, slamming her head hard on the corner of a coffee table. Alex panicked and fled the scene. Gloria Bennett came into the dress shop moments later and found Barbara bleeding to death on the floor. Desperate to save her, she tried turning her into a vampire, but she was too late. Barbara bled to death, but the wounds on her throat made it appear as if she had been murdered by a vampire.

When Claire learned of Barbara's death, she immediately suspected Christian Harper. She confronted him on the matter, but Christian denied having anything to do with Barbara's death. Nick Monohan began to suspect Gloria Bennett, but eventually found evidence that pointed him towards Alex Dupree. Alex was arrested for her murder. ("Jurisdiction")

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