Bailey Downs was a small, rural community that was the subject of a string of mysterious, unexplained animal attacks. This creature, dubbed the Beast of Bailey Downs, was in fact a werewolf and transmitted the curse of lycanthropy to sixteen-year-old Ginger Fitzgerald.

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Bailey Downs High School
Ginger and Brigitte Fitzgerald were students at Bailey Down High School. They were social outcasts and rivals with a field hockey player named Trina Sinclair. Ginger and Brigitte handed in a grotesque slide show assignment and were sent to the school's guidance counselor as a result. Later, Ginger, having been infected with the curse of lycanthropy killed the school janitor during a party on Halloween night.
Fitzgerald residence
The home of Pamela and Henry Fitzgerald and their daughters Ginger and Brigitte. Trina Sinclair was accidentally killed in the Fitzgerald kitchen following an altercation with Ginger and Brigitte. Pamela Fitzgerald, upon finding two of Trina's severed fingers, realized that the girl had been murdered. Desperate to protect her daughters, she contemplated burning the entire house down and taking the girls somewhere else to start over. This was also where Gingerwolf murdered Sam and had her final, fatal encounter with Brigitte.

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