The Asylum
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Title: The Asylum
Directed by: John Stewart
Written by: John Stewart
Produced by: Carol Lemon; Harry F. Rushton
Music by: Christopher Slaski
Cinematography: Nathan Sheppard
Edited by: Paul Green
Distributed by: Nunhead Films
Released: 2000
Rating: Unrated
Running time: 99 min.
Country: UK
Language: English

The Asylum is a British independent horror film of the psychological thriller subgenre. It was written and directed by John Stewart and produced by Nunhead Films. It was released in 2000. The movie stars Steffanie Pitt as Jenny Adams - a woman who is plagued by nightmares and comes to believe that she was responsible for the death of her own mother.

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  • There are a total of twenty-two credited cast members in this film.
  • The independent low-budget movie production house The Asylum has no connection to this film.
  • Actress Penny Linfield is credited as Penn Linfield in this film.
  • Actor Terence Taplin is credited as Terry Taplin in this film.
  • Actor Colin Baker is best known for playing the part of the Sixth Doctor on the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who.
  • According to actor Colin Baker, the main set used for this film was an actual decommissioned mental asylum.
  • This movie is Ingrid Pitt's so-called return to the big screen.

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