Astra Logue
Astra Logue 002
Astra Logue
Franchise: Constantine
Notability: Minor character
Type: Child
Gender: Female
Location: Newcastle, England
Known relatives: Alex Logue [1]
Status: Deceased
Died: 1978
1st appearance: Hellblazer #11
Actor: Bailey Tippen

Astra Logue is a fictional child, and a minor yet vital character to appear in comic books published by DC Comics. She is associated with the Hellblazer line of comic titles, and first appeared in Hellblazer #11 in November, 1988, which was a flashback story chronicling her death. All subsequent appearances of Astra Logue have been presented in the form of flashbacks, dreams, hallucinations and/or a spiritual presence. Astra Logue also appeared in the 2014 Constantine television series on NBC. Played by actress Bailey Tippen, she appeared in the pilot episode of the show, "Non Est Asylum".

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Astra Logue was the daughter of club-owner, Alex Logue. In 1978, a fear elemental called the Norfulthing took possession of her, and a group of amateur occultists commonly referred to as the Newcastle Crew led by John Constantine attempted to exorcise the entity from her body. The exorcism failed horribly however when Nergal was summoned, and Astra's spirit was consigned to Hell. [2]

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  1. Father, deceased.
  2. Hellblazer #11 (November, 1988); Written by Jamie Delano. Artwork by Richard Piers Rayner & Mark Buckingham.

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