Yes, THIS guy is an assassin.

An assassin is somebody who is paid money to kill yo' ass! Also known as a hitman, or a hitwoman depending upon gender, and on at least one bizarre occasion - a hit-monkey! In the Vampire: The Masquerade roleplaying game, there is a clan of vampires known as the Assamites, who are all assassins.

In Image Comics continuity, a government agent known as Chapel worked as an assassin for Jason Wynn. When his friend and colleague Al Simmons turned against Wynn's actions, Wynn had Chapel murder him. The soul of Al Simmons was resurrected by a powerful demon called the Malebolgia, and he became a Hellspawn. Simmons eventually found Chapel and mutilated him, burning the man's trademark skull visage into his face.

In the 1997 feature film version of Spawn, the role of Chapel is replaced with Jessica Priest due to legal restrictions. Further issues of the comic books retroactively replaced Chapel with Priest as the murderer of Al Simmons.

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Character Series
Blackout Ghost Rider
Bruno Dark Shadows
Noah Gifford Dark Shadows
Jessica Priest Spawn
Vex Lost Girl

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