Asia Argento is an Italian film actress, director and screenwriter born in Rome on September 20th, 1975. Asia hails from a family of filmmakers beginning with her grandfather Salvatore Argento, a noted produer. Her father is famed giallo director Dario Argento and her mother is actress Daria Nicolodi. Her uncle, Claudio Argento, has worked on many giallo films as well.

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Asia Argento as Christine Daaé in The Phantom of the Opera.

A neglected child during her youth, Asia turned towards acting as a means of earning her father's attention. Her first work in the horror genre however was the 1986 film Dèmoni 2, directed by a contemporary of her father's, Lamberto Bava, where she played a character named Ingrid Haller.

Asia's next genre project was the 1989 Michele Soavi film, The Church. Dario Argento wrote the script for the movie and it is the first film in which father and daughter share screen credit.

The first film that she appeared in that was actually directed by her father was Trauma in 1993. Asia played a character named Aura Petrescu and received second billing in the movie after lead actor Christopher Rydell. In 1996, Asia had her first leading role playing Detective Anna Manni in The Stendhal Syndrome.

In 1998, she took on another leading remale role, that of Christine Daaé in her father's adaptation of Gaston Leroux's famous 1909-1910 novel The Phantom of the Opera.

In 2001, she played Violaine Charlier in the horror film Love Bites and in 2005, she played Slack in George Romero's Land of the Dead.

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  • Asia Argento has several tatoos, the most notable of which is an angel on her lower abdomen.

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