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Anna Bolt
Anna Bolt
Anna Bolt
Aliases: Doctor Green
Franchise: Resident Evil
Notability: Minor character
Type: Scientist
Gender: Female
Location: Lab 13, The Hive, Raccoon City
Status: Dead
Born: 1974
Died: 2002
1st appearance: Resident Evil (2002)
Actor: Anna Bolt

Anna Bolt, also known by the name Doctor Green, is a fictional scientist and a minor character featured in the 2002 sci-fi/horror film, Resident Evil, which serves as a non-canon prequel to the 1996 Resident Evil video game by Capcom. The character was named for actress Anna Bolt who portrayed her in the movie.

Biography Edit

Doctor Green, also known as Doctor Anna Bolt, was a 28-year-old female employee of the Umbrella Corporation with blonde hair. She worked at the top-secret underground facility known as the Hive, where she was a scientist in the facility's viral research department. She worked alongside Doctor Blue and Johnny-Wayne Carlson in Lab 13.

When the T-Virus contagion was released inside the facility, The site's artificial intelligence, the Red Queen, put the entire site on lock down. Halon gas and sprinkler systems flooded all of the laboratory areas. Doctor Green shouted at the surveillance cameras that there was no fire in the facility. Eventually, the entire laboratory was flooded and all of the staff members drowned. Exposed to the T-Virus, Doctor Green was resurrected as a flesh-eating zombie. The zombie Doctor Green was later released from the lab, where she attacked and bit Spence Parks - the man who originally released the T-Virus to begin with. [1]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The character of Anna Bolt was created by director and screenwriter Paul W.S. Anderson. The character is unique to the continuity of the Resident Evil film series and does not have a counterpart in the video game series by Capcom.
  • In the film's end credits, the character is identified as Doctor Green. However, a close-up of the Red Queen's surveillance camera identifies her as Anna Bolt. Anna Bolt is the name of the actress who plays her in the film.

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