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Dark Shadows[edit | edit source]

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Angelique was a witch who was born sometime in the 17th century. She was a student of warlock Judah Zachary, but turned against him, and testified at his trial. She used the magic that he had taught her to extend her own life-span, and was still active as a young woman in the late 1700s, when she worked as a servant to Josette du Pres in Martinique. It was there that she met and fell and love with Josette's fiancée, Barnabas Collins. The two had a brief affair, but Barnabas broke it off, when he committed himself to Josette. Angelique attended her mistress to the town of Collinsport, Maine, where the rest of the Collins family resided. Angelique, consumed by her own selfish desires, wanted Barnabas all to herself, and used her power to manipulate events that would cause the family structure to break down. To hide her activities, she framed a governess named Victoria Winters, and Miss Winters was arrested for witchcraft. When Barnabas confronted Angelique on this, he ended up shooting her, but as she lay dying, Angelique put a curse on Barnabas, turning him into a vampire.


Penny Dreadful[edit | edit source]

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"Angelique" was the name used by a young dark-haired transgender who lived in London, England in the late 19th century. Angelique met another young man (or seemingly so) named Dorian Gray at an outdoor café. She brought him home to her boudoir, unaware that Dorian fully realized what he was getting into, and cared little about Angelique's physical sexuality. The two engaged in a passionate relationship, but Angelique feared that Dorian's only interest in her was that he was excited in engaging in something considered socially "forbidden". This fear was accentuated when Dorian threw lavish ball as Angelique's "coming out" party.

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