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Angel: Smile Time
Angel - Smile Time 1A.jpg
Title: Angel: Smile Time
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Type: Limited series
Published: 2008-2009
Total issues: 3
Featuring: Angel; Spike; Charles Gunn; Lorne; Winifred Burkle; Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
Creators: Scott Tipton; David Messina; Elena Casagrande; Giovanna Niro; Neil Uyetake; Chris Ryall
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Angel: Smile Time is an American comic book limited series of the supernatural fantasy and genres. It is based on the Angel television series, which aired on the WB Network from 1999 to 2004. This series was published by IDW Publishing from December, 2008 to April, 2009 and totaled three issues. All three issues were reprinted in the Angel: Smile Time hardcover collection, which was released in August, 2009. "Smile Time" was written by Scott Tipton with artwork by David Messina and art assistance from Elena Casagrande. It was colored by Giovanna Niro with lettering by Neil Uyetake. All three issues were edited by Chris Ryall.


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  • This series is an adaptation of the "Smile Time" episode of Angel. At the time of its publication, it is the only series in the franchise that was a sequel to a specific episode.
  • All three issues shipped with variant covers depicting a still shot from the "Smile Time" episode.
  • The cover art to the direct market edition of issue #1 was reproduced for the cover to the hardcover collection.
  • Issue #2 of the series boasts a cover that pays homage to the 1999 drama film Fight Club.

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