"It's like something out of Fitzgerald, the man who can have everything but love. In some ways I guess you're better off. Love is... well in a way it's everything. But it's also heartache and disappointment. And those are good things to avoid."
Winifred Burkle
"Carpe Noctem"
Series Angel
Season 3, Episode 4
Angel 3x04 001.jpg
Air date October 15th, 2001
Writers Scott Murphy
Director James A. Contner
Producers Jeffrey Bell; Gail Berman; James A. Contner; Sandy Gallin; David Greenwalt; Fran Rubel Kuzui; Kaz Kuzui; Kelly A. Manners; Tim Minear; Marti Noxon; Skip Schoolnik; Joss Whedon
Starring David Boreanaz; Charisma Carpenter; Alexis Denisof; J. August Richards
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"Carpe Noctem" is the fourth episode of season three of the supernatural action series Angel and the forty-ninth episode of the series overall. It was directed by James A. Contner and written by Scott Murphy. It first aired on the WB Network on October 15th, 2001. In this episode, Angel finds his mind swapped into the body of an elderly man named Marcus Roscoe, who lives in a retirement home. As such, Marcus' mind now inhabits Angel's body. Ecstatic over his rejuvinated youth and newfound vampiric powers, Marcus decides that the only he can insure that he will keep this body for himself is by killing his older self.

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Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Production code number: 3ADH04
  • Actress Magdalena Holland is credited as Magdalena Zielinska in this episode.

Allusions[edit | edit source]

  • The title of this episode is greek for "Sieze the night". It is derived from the more popular phrase Carpe diem, which means "Sieze the day". It is a pun based on the notion that vampires can only operate during the night time hours.
  • The "Fitzgerald" that Winifred Burkle refers to is F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of The Great Gatsby.
  • Julia Roberts is an American film actress best known for playing a prostitute in the 1990 romantic comedy Pretty Woman. Cordelia Chase makes reference to her in this episode, adopting her own version of the film title, Pretty Skanky Woman.
  • Angel and Fred talk about going to see a Charlton Heston double feature at the Nuart Theatre. The films playing at the theater are The Omega Man and Soylent Green, both of which are considered sci-fi classics.

Bloopers[edit | edit source]

  • When the gang beats Marcus in Angel's body to the floor in the retirement home, he falls face down, with his head toward Angel in Marcus' body. However, when Fred gives him an extra whack to the head, not only has he turned face up, but reoriented himself to have his feet toward Marcus. No one had time to move him and he is knocked out. [1]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Marcus Roscoe: You! You don't deserve that body!
  • Angel: Funny. I was gonna say the same thing to you. I tell you why you have a weak heart, Marcus. You never use it.


  • Cordelia Chase: I'll interview the hookers. Are there any men who aren't just dogs?
  • Marcus Roscoe/Angel: Not very many, I'm afraid. (to Wesley) You know a woman is more than a piece of meat. I'm sorry. That's just how I feel.


  • Cordelia Chase: If Julia Roberts ever makes a realistic movie about being an escort; I think it should be called "Pretty Skanky Woman."


  • Angel: You may have the attitude and you may have the power, but… there's one thing you don't have and never will; friends, four of them, standing behind you with big heavy things.

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