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Title: Angel
Format: Live-Action
Running time: 60 min.
country: USA
Network: WB Network
Seasons: 5
Episodes: 110
Production company: Mutant Enemy Productions; Warner Bros. Television
Executive producers: Joss Whedon; Gail Berman; Sandy Gallin; David Greenwalt; Fran Rubel Kuzui; Kaz Kuzui
Producers: Skip Schoolnik; Kelly A. Manners; Tim Minear; Marti Noxon; Jeffrey Bell; Steven S. DeKnight; David Fury; Ben Edlund
Principal cast: David Boreanaz; Alexis Denisof; J. August Richards; Charisma Carpenter; Andy Hallett; Amy Acker; James Marsters; Christian Kane; Julie Benz; Mercedes McNab; Elisabeth Röhm; Glenn Quinn
Air dates
First aired: October 5th, 1999
Last aired: May 19th, 2004

Angel is a television series that aired on the WB Network from October of 1999 to May of 2004 spanning a total of 110 episodes over the course of five seasons (22 episodes per season). Angel was a spin-off of the popular television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and featured the adventures of the titular anti-hero Angelus - a vampire in search of a soul. Other Buffy alumni included Charisma Carpenter playing Cordelia Chase, former bratty high school cheerleader-turned-actress-turned-secretary. The season one cast also included the mysterious demon Allen Francis Doyle (played by the late Glenn Quinn), Los Angeles police detective Kate Lockley (Elisabeth Röhm) and Christian Kane as the antagonist Lindsey McDonald.

The early episodes of the series focused on Angel, taking on the role of guardian - a sort of brooding, dark super-hero, seeking to find salvation by saving the City of Angels, one soul at a time. As the series progressed, more characters were added to the ever-growing roster such as Watcher Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, vampire hunter Charles Gunn, nerdy science whiz Winifred "Fred" Burkle and demonic karaoke club owner Lorne. Two more former Buffy villains, Spike and Harmony Kendall were added to the cast in seasons four and five. As the show progressed, the thrust of the program changed dramatically, with Angel and his personal band of "scoobies" taking on the reigns of the evil law firm Wolfram and Hart. The series ended with Angel and pals running into battle against the forces of the Apocalypse. Their ongoing adventures were continued in the Angel: After the Fall comic book series by IDW Publishing.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Season One[edit | edit source]

# Title Airdate
1x1 City of... October 5th, 1999
1x2 Lonely Hearts October 12th, 1999
1x3 In the Dark October 19th, 1999
1x4 I Fall to Pieces October 26th, 1999
1x5 Rm w/a Vu November 2nd, 1999
1x6 Sense & Sensitivity November 9th, 1999
1x7 The Bacheler Party November 16th, 1999
1x8 I Will Remember You November 23rd, 1999
1x9 Hero November 30th, 1999
1x10 Parting Gifts December 14th, 1999
1x11 Somnambulist January 18th, 2000
1x12 Expecting January 25th, 2000
1x13 She February 8th, 2000
1x14 I've Got You Under My Skin February 15th, 2000
1x15 The Prodigal February 22nd, 2000
1x16 The Ring February 29th, 2000
1x17 Eternity April 4th, 2000
1x18 Five by Five April 25th, 2000
1x19 Sanctuary May 2nd, 2000
1x20 War Zone May 9th, 2000
1x21 Blind Date May 16th, 2000
1x22 To Shanshu in L.A. May 23rd, 2000

Season Two[edit | edit source]

# Title Airdate
2x1 Judgment September 26th, 2000
2x2 Are You Now or Have You Ever Been October 23rd, 2000
2x3 First Impressions October 10th, 2000
2x4 Untouched October 17th, 2000
2x5 Dear Boy October 24th, 2000
2x6 Guise Will Be Guise November 7th, 2000
2x7 Darla November 14th, 2000
2x8 The Shroud of Rahmon November 21st, 2000
2x9 The Trial November 28th, 2000
2x10 Reunion December 19th, 2000
2x11 Redefinition January 16th, 2001
2x12 Blood Money January 23rd, 2001
2x13 Happy Anniversary February 6th, 2001
2x14 The Thin Dead Line February 13th, 2001
2x15 Reprise February 20th, 2001
2x16 Epiphany February 27th, 2001
2x17 Disharmony April 17th, 2001
2x18 Dead End April 24th, 2001
2x19 Belonging May 1st, 2001
2x20 Over the Rainbow May 8th, 2001
2x21 Through the Looking Glass May 15th, 2001
2x22 There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb May 22nd, 2001

Season Three[edit | edit source]

# Title Airdate
3x1 Heartthrob September 24th, 2001
3x2 That Vision Thing October 1st, 2001
3x3 That Old Gang of Mine October 8th, 2001
3x4 Carpe Noctem October 15th, 2001
3x5 Fredless October 22nd, 2001
3x6 Billy October 29th, 2001
3x7 Offspring November 5th, 2001
3x8 Quickening November 12th, 2001
3x9 Lullaby November 19th, 2001
3x10 Dad September 10th, 2001
3x11 Birthday January 14th, 2002
3x12 Provider January 21st, 2002
3x13 Waiting in the Wings February 4th, 2002
3x14 Couplet February 18th, 2002
3x15 Loyalty February 25th, 2002
3x16 Sleep Tight March 4th, 2002
3x17 Forgiving April 15th, 2002
3x18 Double or Nothing April 22nd, 2002
3x19 The Price April 29th, 2002
3x20 A New World May 6th, 2002
3x21 Benediction May 13th, 2002
3x22 Tomorrow May 20th, 2002

Season Four[edit | edit source]

# Title Airdate
4x1 Deep Down October 6th, 2002
4x2 Ground State October 13th, 2002
4x3 The House Always Wins October 20th, 2002
4x4 Slouching Toward Bethlehem October 27th, 2002
4x5 Supersymmetry November 3rd, 2002
4x6 Spin the Bottle November 10th, 2002
4x7 Apocalypse, Nowish November 17th, 2002
4x8 Habeas Corpses January 15th, 2003
4x9 Long Day's Journey January 22nd, 2003
4x10 Awakening January 29th, 2003
4x11 Soulless February 5th, 2003
4x12 Calvary February 12th, 2003
4x13 Salvage March 5th, 2003
4x14 Release March 12th, 2003
4x15 Orpheus March 19th, 2003
4x16 Players March 26th, 2003
4x17 Inside Out April 2nd, 2003
4x18 Shiny Happy People April 9th, 2003
4x19 The Magic Bullet April 16th, 2003
4x20 Sacrifice April 23rd, 2003
4x21 Peace Out April 30th, 2003
4x22 Home May 7th, 2003

Season Five[edit | edit source]

# Title Airdate
5x1 Conviction October 1st, 2003
5x2 Just Rewards October 8th, 2003
5x3 Unleashed October 15th, 2003
5x4 Hell-Bound October 22nd, 2003
5x5 Life of the Party October 29th, 2003
5x6 The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco November 5th, 2003
5x7 Lineage November 12th, 2003
5x8 Destiny November 19th, 2003
5x9 Harm's Way January 14th, 2004
5x10 Soul Purpose January 21st, 2004
5x11 Damage January 28th, 2004
5x12 You're Welcome February 4th, 2004
5x13 Why We Fight February 11th, 2004
5x14 Smile Time February 18th, 2004
5x15 A Hole in the World February 25th, 2004
5x16 Shells March 3rd, 2004
5x17 Underneath April 14th, 2004
5x18 Origin April 21st, 2004
5x19 Time Bomb April 28th, 2004
5x20 The Girl in Question May 5th, 2004
5x21 Power Play May 12th, 2004
5x22 Not Fade Away May 19th, 2004

Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The series aired on Wednesday evenings at 9:00 pm.

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