"All monsters are human. You're a monster."
Sister Jude Martin
"Welcome to Briarcliff"
Series American Horror Story: Asylum
Season 2, Episode 1
American Horror Story 2x01 009
Airdate October 17th, 2012
Writer Tim Minear
Director Bradley Buecker
Producer Bradley Buecker; Dante Di Loreto; Mark Douglas; Brad Falchuk; Alexis Martin Woodall; Tim Minear; Ryan Murphy; Jennifer Salt; Jessica Sharzer; Chip Vucelich; James Wong
Starring Zachary Quinto; Joseph Fiennes; Sarah Paulson; Evan Peters; Lily Rabe; Lizzie Brocheré; James Cromwell; Jessica Lange
Previous "Afterbirth"
Next "Tricks and Treats"

"Welcome to Briarcliff" is the first episode of season two of the American television series American Horror Story and the thirteenth episode of the series overall. This episode is part of the program's "Asylum" storyline. It was directed by Bradley Buecker and written by Tim Minear. It first aired on the FX Network on Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 at 10:00 pm EST.

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  • This is the first chapter in the "Asylum" storyline, which runs for thirteen episodes.
  • This episode is production code number: 2ATS01.
  • The name of the unseen "creature" in the woods that Sister Mary Eunice is feeding meat to is Willie.

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  • Sister Jude makes reference to The Song of Bernadette. The Song of Bernadette is a 1943 drama film about the real-life Saint Bernadette Soubirous, who saw visions of a "lady in white" at Lourdes.

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  • Shelley: Do you think I'm full of shame and regret for what I've done now, Sister? You could shave me bald as a cueball and I'd still be the hottest tamale in this joint.


  • Sister Jude: Shelley was brought to us having been given the preposterous diagnosis by a psychiatrist comparing her to a wood nymph.
  • Lana Winters: You mean a nymphomaniac?


  • Sister Jude: Mental illness is the fashionable explanation for sin.


  • Sister Jude: This is not a meat locker. Here, you will repent for your crimes to the only judge that matters: the Almighty God.
  • Kit Walker: There is no God. Not a God who would create the things I saw.
  • Sister Jude: Your story about little green men? That won't do here.
  • Kit Walker: They weren't human. They were monsters.
  • Sister Jude: All monsters are human. You're a monster.


  • Arthur Arden: When the monsignor brought me out of retirement to run Briarcliff's medical unit, we made a gentleman's agreement.
  • Sister Jude: Curious, since only one of you is a gentleman.

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  1. Credited, but does not appear in this episode.

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