"Chutes and Ladders"
Series American Horror Story: Hotel
Season 5, Episode 2
American Horror Story 5x02 000.jpg
Air date October 14th, 2015
Writers Tim Minear
Director Bradley Buecker
Producers Ned Martel; Robert M. Williams, Jr.; Alexis Martin Woodall; Bradley Buecker; James Wong; Jennifer Salt; Brad Falchuk; Ryan Murphy
Starring Kathy Bates; Sarah Paulson; Evan Peters; Wes Bentley; Matt Bomer; Chloë Sevigny; Denis O'Hare; Cheyenne Jackson; Angela Bassett; Lady Gaga
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"Chutes and Ladders" is the second episode of season five of the horror anthology series, American Horror Story, which is billed under the heading of "Hotel". It is the fifty-third episode of the series overall. It was directed by Bradley Buecker with a script written by Tim Minear. It first aired on the FX Network on Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 at 10:00 pm.



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Notes & Trivia

  • This episode is rated TV-MA. It contains strong language, sexual situtions and nudity and violence. Intended for true bad-asses only. Viewer discretion is advised.
  • This episode is production code number 5ATS02.
  • This episode had a running time of ninety minutes.
  • This episode had a viewership of 4.06 million people. [2]
  • Actress Angela Bassett is credited in this episode, but does not make an appearance.


  • The title of this episode is taken from "Chutes and Ladders", which is a popular board game produced by Milton Bradley in the 1950s. The game is based on an ancient Indian game, originally known as "Snakes and Ladders".



  • A woman named Elizabeth is born. She will one day become a vampire and call herself the Countess.


  • James March moves out to the West Coast and begins construction on the Hotel Cortez. He has plans drawn up to include secret passageways, corridors with no exits and mysterious chutes down to a pit in the basement. When the architect questions his design decisions, March stabs him to death.


  • James March shoots Miss Evers then commits suicide by slicing his own throat open.
  • Police investigate the numerous dismembered bodies found in the pit at the Hotel Cortez.


  • The Countess becomes the self-styled Queen of Disco.


  • Will Drake holds a fashion show at the Hotel Cortez. The Countess takes interest in runway model Tristan Duffy.
  • James March meets Tristan Duffy for the first time. He demonstrates their shared need for finding new levels of excitement by shooting a young woman in the head.
  • The Countess Tristan Duffy and turns him into a vampire. He is her new plaything and she discards her previous lover, Donovan.
  • Lachlan Drake brings Scarlett Lowe to the Hotel Cortez playroom where she reunites with her brother, Holden. Holden doesn't want to leave however. Scarlett takes a picture of him on her cell phone, but the image of Holden is blurry, while the image of Scarlett is clear.
  • Agnetha dies from blood loss in her cage. Her body is dumped down the chute onto a pile of previous victims.


  • James March: Well, I had it all once. Fortune, fame. But nothing satisfied. "To thine own self be true." - Polonius. I'll show you what you've been dreaming of.


  • James March: Pull the trigger and take her last breath. It’s exhilarating.


  • Tristan Duffy: You know what I can't wait for? To hunt Kendall Jenner. Bitch blew me off once at Coachella. Can I kill her?


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