American Horror Story
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Title: American Horror Story
Format: Live-action
Running time: 60 min.
country: USA
Network: FX Network
Seasons: 8+
Episodes: 84+
Production company: 20th Century Fox Television
Executive producers: Brad Falchuk; Ryan Murphy; Bradley Buecker; Dante Di Loreto; Jennifer Salt; James Wong; Alexis Martin Woodall
Producers: Alexis Martin Woodall; Chip Vucelich; Tim Minear; Jessica Sharzer; Ned Martel
Principal cast: Dylan McDermott; Connie Britton; Evan Peters; Taissa Farmiga; Denis O'Hare; Jessica Lange; Zachary Quinto; Joseph Fiennes; Sarah Paulson; Lily Rabe; Lizzie Brocheré; James Cromwell; Frances Conroy; Emma Roberts; Kathy Bates; Michael Chiklis; Finn Wittrock; Angela Bassett; Wes Bentley; Matt Bomer; Chloë Sevigny; Cheyenne Jackson; Cuba Gooding Jr.; Andre Holland; Billie Lourd; Alison Pill; Leslie Grossman; Cody Fern; Matthew Morrison; Gus Kenworthy; John Carroll Lynch; Angelica Ross; Zach Villa
Air dates
First aired: October 5th, 2011

American Horror Story is an American horror anthology series that began airing on the FX Network in October of 2011. The series was created by Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy and produced by 20th Century Fox Television. The series is unique from other such programs in that each season is it's own insular story-arc with a different cast of characters and actors. Each season of the show averages between 10-13 episodes.

Every season of American Horror Story falls under a subtitle relating to the storyline from that season. While each season was originally crafted as taking place in their own continuity, separate from that of other seasons, the show began slowly weaving connections between the seasons through various characters and references. By season seven, all seasons of the show could be connected to one another, and now inhabit a single continuity. Season one was titled "Murder House", and chronicled the lives of a family who moved into a haunted house. Season two took place in the 1960s and was called "Asylum", and took place at a mental institution. Season three was called "Coven" and involved the political intrigues of a coven of witches in New Orleans. Season four was "Freak Show", which showcased a carnival sideshow from Jupiter, Florida in the 1950s. Season five was "Hotel", which was set in the modern era and involved vampires and serial killers. Season six was dubbed "Roanoke" and was filmed in documentary style with cast members playing characters from the story, as well as re-enactment actors. Season seven was a political intrigue story called "Cult" and was the first season of the show to contain no supernatural elements. Season eight was "Apocalypse", which chronicled the aftermath of nuclear Armageddon. Season eight was "1984", which takes place in 1984 and deals with murders at a summer camp, drawing inspiration from old-school slasher movies such as Friday the 13th and Sleepaway Camp.


"Murder House"

Episode Title Airdate
1x1 Pilot October 5th, 2011
1x2 Home Invasion October 12th, 2011
1x3 Murder House October 19th, 2011
1x4 Halloween (Part 1) October 26th, 2011
1x5 Halloween (Part 2) November 2nd, 2011
1x6 Piggy, Piggy November 9th, 2011
1x7 Open House November 16th, 2011
1x8 Rubber Man November 23rd, 2011
1x9 Spooky Little Girl November 30th, 2011
1x10 Smoldering Children December 7th, 2011
1x11 Birth December 14th, 2011
1x12 Afterbirth December 21st, 2011


bölüm Title Airdate
2x1 Welcome to Briarcliff October 17th, 2012
2x2 Tricks and Treats October 24th, 2012
2x3 Nor'easter October 31st, 2012
2x4 I Am Anne Frank (Part 1) November 7th, 2012
2x5 I Am Anne Frank (Part 2) November 14th, 2012
2x6 The Origins of Monstrosity November 21st, 2012
2x7 Dark Cousin November 28th, 2012
2x8 Unholy Night December 5th, 2012
2x9 The Coat Hanger December 12th, 2012
2x10 The Name Game January 2nd, 2013
2x11 Spilt Milk January 9th, 2013
2x12 Continuum January 16th, 2013
2x13 Madness Ends January 23rd, 2013


Episode Title Airdate
3x01 Bitchcraft October 9th, 2013
3x02 Boy Parts October 16th, 2013
3x03 The Replacements October 23rd, 2013
3x04 Fearful Pranks Ensue October 30th, 2013
3x05 Burn, Witch. Burn! November 6th, 2013
3x06 The Axeman Cometh November 13th, 2013
3x07 The Dead November 20th, 2013
3x08 The Sacred Taking December 4th, 2013
3x09 Head December 11th, 2013
3x10 The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks January 8th, 2014
3x11 Protect the Coven January 15th, 2014
3x12 Go to Hell January 22nd, 2014
3x13 The Seven Wonders January 29th, 2014

"Freak Show"

Episode Title Airdate
4x1 Monsters Among Us October 8th, 2014
4x2 Massacres and Matinees October 15th, 2014
4x3 Edward Mordrake (Part 1) October 22nd, 2014
4x4 Edward Mordrake (Part 2) October 29th, 2014
4x5 Pink Cupcakes November 5th, 2014
4x6 Bullseye November 12th, 2014
4x7 Test of Strength November 19th, 2014
4x8 Blood Bath December 3rd, 2014
4x9 Tupperware Party Massacre December 10th, 2014
4x10 Orphans December 17th, 2014
4x11 Magical Thinking January 7th, 2015
4x12 Show Stoppers January 14th, 2015
4x13 Curtain Call January 21st, 2015


Episode Title Airdate
5x1 Checking In October 7th, 2015
5x2 Chutes and Ladders October 14th, 2015
5x3 Mommy October 21st, 2015
5x4 Devil's Night October 28th, 2015
5x5 Room Service November 4th, 2015
5x6 Room 33 November 11th, 2015
5x7 Flicker November 18th, 2015
5x8 The Ten Commandments Killer December 2nd, 2015
5x9 She Wants Revenge December 9th, 2015
5x10 She Gets Revenge December 16th, 2015
5x11 Battle Royale January 6th, 2016
5x12 Be Our Guest January 13th, 2016


Episode Title Airdate
6x1 Chapter 1 September 14th, 2016
6x2 Chapter 2 September 21st, 2016
6x3 Chapter 3 September 28th, 2016
6x4 Chapter 4 October 5th, 2016
6x5 Chapter 5 October 12th, 2016
6x6 Chapter 6 October 19th, 2016
6x7 Chapter 7 October 26th, 2016
6x8 Chapter 8 November 2nd, 2016
6x9 Chapter 9 November 9th, 2016
6x10 Chapter 10 November 16th, 2016


Episode Title Airdate
7x1 Election Night September 5th, 2017
7x2 Don't Be Afraid of the Dark September 12th, 2017
7x3 Neighbors from Hell September 19th, 2017
7x4 11/9 September 26th, 2017
7x5 Holes October 3rd, 2017
7x6 Mid-Western Assassin October 10th, 2017
7x7 Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag October 17th, 2017
7x8 Winter of Our Discontent October 24th, 2017
7x9 Drink the Kool-Aid October 31st, 2017
7x10 Charles (Manson) in Charge November 7th, 2017
7x11 Great Again November 14th, 2017


Episode Title Airdate
8x1 The End September 12th, 2018
8x2 The Morning After September 19th, 2018
8x3 Forbidden Fruit September 26th, 2018
8x4 Could It Be...Satan? October 3rd, 2018
8x5 Boy Wonder October 10th, 2018
8x6 Return to Murder House October 17th, 2018
8x7 Traitor October 24th, 2018
8x8 Sojourn October 31st, 2018
8x9 Fire and Reign November 7th, 2018
8x10 Apocalypse Then November 14th, 2018


Episode Title Airdate
9x1 Camp Redwood September 18th, 2019
9x2 Mr. Jingles September 25th, 2019
9x3 Slashdance October 2nd, 2019
9x4 True Killers October 9th, 2019
9x5 Red Dawn October 16th, 2019
9x6 Episode 100 October 23rd, 2019
9x7 The Lady in White October 30th, 2019
9x8 Rest in Pieces November 6th, 2019
9x9 Final Girl November 13th, 2019

Notes & Trivia

  • On Thursday, July 19th 2018, it was announced that the eighth season of American Horror Story would bear the subtitle "Apocalypse", with storylines branching off and interconnecting from the season one serial, "Murder House", and season three's "Coven". Season one in particular promises to have a strong connection as it saw the birth of the Antichrist. Showrunner Ryan Murphy released the title and artwork on Thursday evening at the San Diego Comic-Con. [2]
  • It was announced at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con that actress Joan Collins would be joining the cast of American Horror Story for season eight.
  • It was announced in August 2018 that AHS veteran Jessica Lange would be returning for season eight after her departure from the series following season four.
  • It was announced in April 2019 that AHS veteran and mainstay Evan Peters would not return of season nine, making it the first season he will not be featured in. Sarah Paulson will also appear in a limited role, making it the first season since Murder House where she isn't a member of the main cast.

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