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This page includes information relating to the American Gothic 1988 feature film, the 2007 feature film, as well as the 1995 American Gothic television series; noe of which ain't got nuttin' to do wit' the other!


1988 film[edit | edit source]

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American Gothic is an independent British-Canadian horror film of the psycho-thriller and slasher genres. It was directed by John Hough with a screenplay written by Burt Wetanson and Michael Vines. It was produced by Manor Ground in association with Pinetalk Ltd and presented by Brent Walker PLC. The film premiered in the United States in May, 1988. The movie stars Rod Steiger and Yvonne De Carlo as the primary antagonists, Ma and Pa.

2007 film[edit | edit source]

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American Gothic is a 2007 drama-fantasy film written and directed by David Wexler. The film follows the lives of three vampires trying to get by in modern-day New York City. American Gothic was an official selection of the 2007 Rome International Film Festival.

TV series

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American Gothic was an American supernatural-themed television series that aired on CBS from September of 1995 to July of 1996. The series was created and produced by 70s teen icon and former Hardy Boy Shaun Cassidy. Only one season of the show was produced, totalling eighteen episodes, with four episodes that were never aired. The complete series of American Gothic was released as a Region 1 NTSC double-sided 3-disc set in the United States by Universal Studios on October 25th, 2005. It was also released as a Region 2 PAL single-sided 6-disc set in the UK on March 20th, 2006.

The events from the series took place in the small town of Trinity, South Carolina - a town not unlike any other, but for the occasional odd supernaturall occurance. The sheriff of Trinity is a man named Lucas Buck, a man with a genial outward appearance, but who possesses great power and the ability to manipulate others into fulfilling his dark goals. One of those goals includes laying claim to his illegetimate son Caleb Temple, a boy who is orphaned at the age of ten and communes with the ghost of his older sister Merlyn. Caleb is not without peer however and receives aid from the town physican Doctor Matt Crower and his reporter cousin Gail Emory.

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  • American Gothic was nominated for the category of Best Genre Television Series at the 1996 Saturn Awards, but lost to The Outer Limits.

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