"I'd never witnessed a sunrise in a cemetery before. It filled me with a kind of depressed optimism."
Damien Kane
"The Covenant of Freaks"
American Freak 2.jpg
American Freak: A Tale of the Un-Men
Title: "The Covenant of Freaks"
Volume: 1
number: 2
Cover date: March, 1994
Cover price: $1.95
Publisher: DC Comics/Vertigo
Executive editor: Karen Berger
Writers: Dave Louapre
Pencilers: Vince Locke
Inkers: Vince Locke
Cover artists: Gaz; Richard Bruning
Cover inker: Richard Bruning
Cover colorist: Richard Bruning
Colorists: Chris Chuckry; Digital Chameleon
Letterers: Clem Robins
Assistant editors: Shelly Roeberg
Editors: Karen Berger; Alisa Kwitney
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Next: American Freak #3

"The Covenant of Freaks" is the story title to the second issue of the comic book limited series American Freak: A Tale of the Un-Men, which was published by DC Comics under their Vertigo imprint. The story was written by Dave Louapre with interior artwork by Vince Locke, who also inked the series. The cover illustration was composed by photographer Gaz with design elements created by Richard Bruning. The issue was colored by Chris Chuckry of Digital Chameleon and lettered by Clem Robins. It was edited by Karen Berger and Alisa Kwitney with Shelly Roeberg as assistant editor. This issue shipped with a March, 1994 cover date and carried a cover price of $1.95 per copy (US).

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Damien Kane follows the beckoning voice deep into the woods. The trail leads him to a decrepit cemetery and an Un-Man named Crassus. Crassus gives Damien shelter inside of an empty crypt.

At Lafayette Air Base, Major Lawrence coordinates a strategy to find the missing Damien Kane. He addresses a room full of soldiers as well as the staff scientists. Lawrence tells Doctor Manguy that he is confined to the base until further notice.

As the evening grows, Crassus introduces himself to Damien. He tells him that he is one of Anton Arcane's original Un-Men and that he was born in Romania many years ago. Crassus knows what is happening to Damien and tells him that it is only a matter of time before his body begins to transform into that of an Un-Man. Crassus tells him that the only hope of restoring his humanity lies with Anton Arcane, but to find him, they must travel to the scientist's castle in Romania. The change begins to overtake Damien and his body is wracked with cramps. Crassus provides comfort and tells him to trust him.

At Lafayette, Doctor Manguy drowns his sorrows with a bottle of whiskey. Doctor Hutcheson tries to alleviate Manguy's guilt, but to no avail. He promises him that the soldiers will find Damien and bring him back safely.

The following day, Crassus and Damien take a small pirogue out to sea and stow away on a freighter bound for Europe. Crassus says that together they will find the other "Children of Arcane" and all will be better.

In Romania, a wealthy man named Alexiev Gogol hosts a lavish party. The ballroom of his castle is a living museum of freaks - Un-Men forced to prostrate themselves for the amusement of Gogol's eccentric guests. One of the humiliated attractions, a dwarf named Scylla, has a precognitive vision and whispers that someone is coming for them.

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Minor characters[edit | edit source]

  • Doctor Hutcheson
  • Miss Stafford
  • Mrs. Valis
  • Unnamed female socialite
  • Unnamed male socialite

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Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The tagline for this issue is "Toxic Childhood".
  • Of the Un-Men assembled at Alexiev Gogol's castle, only Abel, Adam and Eve are addressed by name. The others are identified by their names in issue #3.

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