Alyssa Sworn
Hemlock Grove 1x02 020
Alyssa Sworn
Continuity: Hemlock Grove
Notability: Recurring character
Type: Student
Gender: Female
Location: Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania
Known relatives: Tom Sworn (father)
Alexa Sworn (sister)
Died: 2013
1st appearance: "Jellyfish in the Sky"
Final: "Children of the Night"
Actor: Emilia McCarthy

Alyssa Sworn is a fictional school student and a supporting character featured on the Netflix streaming video series Hemlock Grove. Played by actress Emilia McCarthy, she was introduced in the pilot episode of the series, "Jellyfish in the Sky" and was credited in nine episodes from season one, even though she only appeared in seven episodes. The character was killed off in episode 1x10, "What God Wants".

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Alyssa Sworn lived in Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania and was the daughter of Sheriff Tom Sworn. She had a paternal twin sister named Alexa. The Sworn sisters befriended the socially awkward Christina Wendall and even invited her to stay at their home for a time. Although they both viewed themselves as socially superior to Christina, they also developed a close bond with her. This ultimately proved to be the girls' undoing however, for Christina was a rogue breed of werewolf known as a vargulf. Lashing out against the feminine rivalry wrought by the twins, Christina shifted into her vargulf form and slaughtered them in their own bedroom.

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