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Alyssa Milano
Birth name: Alyssa Jane Milano
Gender: Female
Medium(s): Television; Film
Roles: Actress; Producer
Date of birth: December 19th, 1972
Place of birth: Brooklyn, New York
Notable works: Charmed
1st Horror: The Canterville Ghost (1986)

Alyssa Jane Milano is an American film and television actress born in Brooklyn, New York on December 19th, 1972. She first gained prominence playing the part of adolescent Samantha Micelli in the ABC sit-com Who's the Boss?, which ran from 1984 to 1992. In 1985, she played the part of Jenny Matrix, daughter to Arnold Schwarzenegger's John Matrix in Commando. Her first role in a supernaturally-themed film was the 1986 family comedy The Canterville Ghost, playing a character named Jennifer Canterville.

Milano's first true horror film role was the 1995 erotica movie Embrace of the Vampire, where she played a college freshman named Charlotte.

In the years to follow, Milano established herself as an actress in the night time teen/drama demographic by playing Jennifer Mancini in forty episodes of Melrose Place.

In 1998, Milano was cast in the role of Wiccan Phoebe Halliwell in the WB Network television series Charmed. She appeared in all 178 episodes of the series and became a producer on the show beginning with the season five two-part episode "A Witch's Tail". Milano was credited as producer on 72 episodes of the series.

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  • Milano has eight tattoos on her body, including one on each wrist and ankle, shoulder, neck, hip, and lower back.
  • During production on Charmed, Milano began dating co-star Brian Krause, who played the role of Whitelighter Leo Wyatt.
  • Founded a brand of female baseball apparel called Touch.

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