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Tucker & Dale vs. Evil[edit | edit source]

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Allison is a fictional college student and one of the main characters from the 2010 horror/comedy Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. She was played by actress Katrina Bowden. Allison was a college student majoring in psychology. Along with some friends, she went on a camping trip up to the Appalachian Mountains. The leader of the group, Chad, expressed great fondness for Allison, but harbored a dark secret. On the first night of camping, the group decided to go swimming in a lake. Allison climbed on an outcropping of a broken tree where she disrobed, but she slipped and fell into the lake, hitting her head. Nearby, two good ole boys named Tucker and Dale witnessed this and rescued her. Dale tried giving her mouth-to-mouth. Her friends caught sight of this and believed that the two hillbillies had attacked her and were now eating her face. Allison awakened inside of Tucker and Dale's cabin, and Dale nursed her back to health. Her friends attempted to "rescue" her from the two so-called psychopaths, but invariably ended up killing themselves through their own stupidity. Chad managed to find Allison and she tried to explain to him that Tucker and Dale were only trying to help her. Chad suspected that Allison was developing feelings for Dale and could not abide this. She sat both men down and tried use what she learned in her psychology studies to bring about an accord. This failed spectacularly and Chad revealed his true psychopathic tendencies. He abducted Allison and brought her to an old sawmill, where he strapped her down with the intent of running her through a buzz saw blade. Dale came to her rescue, and through the course of the conflict, Chad was killed. After everything settled down, they agreed to go on a date together, and they hooked up at a bowling alley back in town.

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