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"Your grandfather Allen, rest his soul, was a sweet man, but he led me straight down the hippie-dippie trail."
Penny Halliwell[src]
Allen Halliwell
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Allen Halliwell
Type: Minor character
Gender: Male
Base of operations: San Francisco, California
Known relatives: Penny Halliwell (wife); Janice Halliwell (sister); Patricia Halliwell (daughter); Prudence Hallwell (granddaughter); Phoebe Halliwell (granddaughter); Piper Halliwell (granddaughter); Paige Matthews (granddaughter)
First: "Witchstock"
Actor: Patrick Cassidy

Allen Halliwell is a minor character featured in the WB Network television series Charmed. Played by actor Patrick Cassidy, he appeared in the 1969 time-travel episode "Witchstock" in season six.

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