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Alice Harris was a key figure in the film 28 Weeks Later. Played by actress Catherine McCormack, she was credited only as Alice, though her husband's surname, Harris, was revealed on his identity card. Presumably, all family members shared the same last name.

Biography Edit

Alice and her husband Donald where living in England when the "rage" virus first struck. Fortunately, they had sent their children off to school in Spain, and were confident that they would not suffer from the plague. When the infected began to take control of England, Alice and Donald sought refuge with an elderly couple living in a small cottage in the countryside. Also living with them were two younger people named Karen and Geoff. A group of infected attacked the cottage one afternoon and Don fled the house in fear, leaving Alice behind to fend for herself. She was bitten by one of the infected, but did not inherit the typical symptoms attributed to the virus. Instead, she became a carrier. Alice eventually made her way back to her original home, but the experience had driven her irrevocably mad. Some twenty-eight weeks later, her children, Tammy and Andy discovered her living in an upstairs bedroom in their old house. Alice was brought back to a medical center in London and placed under observation. It was a military medical officer named Scarlet who determined that Alice was a carrier for the infection. Her husband came to visit her and was able to bypass the hospital's security channels due to his position as section chief of District One. Unaware that she was infected, he kissed her and the virus was passed on to him. Donald flew into a berserker frenzy and violently pummeled Alice to death with her fists. When General Stone ordered the Code Red initiative, London was firebombed. Alice's remains were incinerated in the conflagration.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • It is unclear whether Alice was aware of her medical status or whether she knowingly transmitted the virus to her husband or not.

References Edit

  1. Date approximated based upon the age of actress Catherine McCormack.

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