Alice Sweet Alice
Alice, Sweet Alice (1976)
Title: Alice Sweet Alice
Directed by: Alfred Sole
Written by: Alfred Sole; Rosemary Ritvo
Produced by: Marc. G. Greenberg; Richard K. Rosenberg; Alfred Sole
Music by: Stephen Lawrence
Edited by: M. Edward Salier [1]
Distributed by: Harristown Funding
Allied Artists Pictures
Released: November 13th, 1976
Rating: R
Running time: 98 min.
Country: USA
Language: English

Alice, Sweet Alice is an American feature film of the psycho-thriller genre. It was written and directed by Alfred Sole and co-written by Rosemary Ritvo. It was produced by Harristown Funding and Allied Artists Pictures and released theatrically in the United States on November 13th, 1976. The movie was originally titled Communion, but was renamed as Alice, Sweet Alice for its theatrical debut.

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  • Alfred Sole and Rosemary Ritvo were nominated for the Saturn Award for the category of Best Writing. The film itself was nominated for the category of Best Low-Budget Film. [3]
  • Actress Paula E. Sheppard is credited as Paula Sheppard in this film.
  • Actress Lillian Roth is credited as Miss Lillian Roth in this film.
  • The setting for this movie is Paterson, New Jersey in the year 1961.

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