Includes a list of characters, actors and production crew members whose first names are Albert.

Variations include Al and Alberto.

Dracula's Daughter[edit | edit source]

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Albert was a middle-aged police constable that worked out of the town of Whitby in the 1930s. In 1931, he and another constable named Hawkins discovered the bodies of the vampire Count Dracula and his mad servant Renfield in a crypt in Carfax Abbey. The bodies were taken back to Whitby Jail where both men were tasked with overseeing them.

Albert complained of hearing strange noises coming from the cell and thought that it might be rats. Hawkins went in to investigate and saw the trail of something burrowing in the dirt floor of the cell, but never saw any rats. As he left, he handed Albert a pistol to defend himself in case the bodies decided to "get up and start walking".

Later that evening, a darkly dressed mysterious woman named Marya Zeleska came to the jail. She asked about removing the body of Dracula, but Albert said that he could not release him. Zeleska offered him a cash bribe, but when this failed, she then turned towards more arcane forms of persuasion. Using an ornate ring on her left hand, she entranced Albert, lulling him into a state of relative unconsciousness. Indisposed, he was unable to prevent her from taking Dracula's remains. Later, when Hawkins returned to the jail, he found Albert sitting motionless in his chair. As he tried to rouse him, Albert fell over onto the floor. Presumably, he recovered soon after.

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