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Blackgas[edit | edit source]

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Alan was the husband of Kate and the father of Tyler. He lived in the town of Footstep on Smoky Island. In 2006, a long-dormant volcano dubbed "The Bulge" erupted, projecting pressurized black gas from underground into the air. The winds blew the black gas across Footstep, and those exposed to it turned into murderous, cannibalistic lunatics. How or whether Alan was affected by the black gas is unknown. Kate was definitely infected however. She cut off Alan's head, castrated him, and stuffed his genitals into his mouth. Tyler and his girlfriend Soo Park came home to find Kate standing over Alan's severed head. (Blackgas 1) (Blackgas 2)

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Actors[edit | edit source]

Production Crew[edit | edit source]

  • Alan Gibson - Horror television director from the 1970s-80s.
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