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Aiden Steiner
Teen Wolf 3x01 004
Aiden Steiner
Aliases: Aiden Jacob Steiner
Continuity: Teen Wolf
Type: Student; Werewolf
Gender: Male
Location: Beacon Hills, California
Known relatives: Ethan Steiner
Status: Deceased
Died: 2014
1st appearance: "Tattoo"
Actor: Max Carver

Aiden Jacob Steiner is a fictional werewolf and a recurring antagonist featured on the 2011 Teen Wolf television series on MTV. Played by actor Max Carver, he first appeared in the premiere episode of season three, "Tattoo".

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  • Aiden Steiner's full name was revealed on Will Wallace's Twitter feed. [1]
  • Aiden was the heterosexual member of the twins. He had a relationship with Lydia Martin.

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