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Addy Miller
Addy Miller
Birth name: Adrian Addison Miller
Gender: Female
Medium(s): Film; Television
Roles: Actress
Date of birth: January 4th, 2000
Place of birth: North Carolina
Notable works: The Walking Dead
1st Horror: Paranormal (2009)

Adrian Addison "Addy" Miller is an American film and television actress. She was bonr in North Carolina on January 4th, 2000. Addy played the role of Summer, best known as the "Teddy Bear Girl" in the premiere episode of the AMC survival horror series The Walking Dead.

Body of work Edit

Film Edit

Film Year Character
Paranormal 2009 Megan Evans
Red Rose 2013 Rose Broden

Television Edit

Series Episode Character
The Walking Dead Days Gone Bye Summer

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Playing the Little girl walker is actually the fourth time that Addy Miller has played a character who dies on-screen. For a 10-year-old, that's one heck of a body count. Miller commented on her perpetually morte state by saying, "In every movie before that, I ended up dying. No big deal. Another death scene, typical Addy." [2]

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