Addison Powell
Birth name: Addison Shelburne Powell
Gender: Male
Medium(s): Television
Roles: Actor
Date of birth: February 23rd, 1921
Place of birth: Belmont, Massachusetts
Date of death: November 8th, 2010
Place of death: Shelburne, Vermont
Notable works: Dark Shadows
1st Horror: Dark Shadows: 393

Addison Powell was an American television actor. He was born Addison Shelburne Powell in Belmont, Massachusetts on February 23rd, 1921 and died in Shelburne, Vermont on November 8th, 2010 at the age of 89. As an actor, Addison was primarily active from the early 1950s through the late 1980s. In the horror genre, Addison is best known for playing the role of mad scientist Doctor Eric Lang in episodes of the original ABC Gothic soap opera series Dark Shadows. In addition to playing Eric Lang, Addison also played the ghostly voice of Jeremiah Collins, as well as the characters of Judge Madigan in episode 404 and Judge Wiley in episode 1162. He made thirty-seven appearances on Dark Shadows in total, with seventeen appearances as the living Eric Lang, and a further twelve as the recorded voice of Eric Lang on a tape recorder.

As an actor[edit | edit source]

Dark Shadows[edit | edit source]

As the Ghost of Jeremiah Collins

As Judge Madigan

As Judge Wiley

As Eric Lang

As the voice of Eric Lang

As the Ghost of Eric Lang

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