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Adam Rifkin is an American film and television director, writer, actor and producer. His first acting work was in an uncredited role playing a character named William in the 1988 movie Never on Tuesday. The following year, he worked as a bit actor and co-producer on the 1989 comedy Going Overboard.

In 1990, Adam wrote and directed the black comedy The Invisible Maniac, where he was credited under the name Rif Coogan. Adam would use this pseudonym on several projects, such as the 1993 Maniac Cop knockoff film Psycho Cop Returns. He also made a cameo appearance in the movie as a man with a video camera.

In 1996, Adam Rifkin served as creator and co-executive producer on a the scary family TV series Bone Chillers, which featured a cast of characters that endured spooky hijinks at Edgar Allen Poe High School. Rifkin produced seven out of the twelve aired episodes of the series.

Adam Rifkin directed the comedy film Detroit Rock City, which was released in 1999. The film starred future The Crow series star Edward Furlong and future Being Human cast member Sam Huntington.

In 2011, Adam directed and wrote the "Wadzilla" segment of the Adam Green-helmed anthology film Chillerama. He also played a character named Miles Munson in the film.

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  • Some of Adam's other film credits include Disturbed, The Dark Backward, Bikini Island, Mousehunt, Small Soldiers, Night at the Golden Eagle, Zoom and Underdog.

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  1. "Wadzilla" segment only

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