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I, Frankenstein[edit | edit source]

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In the year 1795, Victor Frankenstein sought to create life and so he constructed a human frame culled from parts from the bodies of the dead. Bringing his patchwork creation to life, he became instantly reviled by what he had done and sought to disassociate himself from it. The creature, desired a mate, so that he would not be eternally alone. When Frankenstein refused to build another creation, the monster took revenge by murdering Victor's young bride, Elizabeth. He likewise sought to kill his creator as well, but after coming upon him in the Arctic, found that the elements had done his job for him. He brought Victor's body home to Switzerland and buried it, along with his journal, which contained all of the notes of the monster's creation.

While burying Victor Frankenstein, the creature was set upon by a throng of demons. The demons coveted the secret of Victor's work and the nature of the monster's existence. He fought against them, but received aide from an unexpected resource - Gargoyles. Three Gargoyles helped the monster dispatch the demons and then brought him before Lenore, the Gargoyle queen. Lenore recognized the man's value and bequeathed him a human name - Adam. Adam agreed to help the Gargoyles in their centuries-long shadow war against the demons. When offered his choice of weapons to aid him in this endeavor, he opted for escrima sticks.


The Un-Men[edit | edit source]

Adam was a member of the second generation of Un-Men. Unlike first generation Un-Men, Adam was not created in a laboratory, but was born through natural means by the mating of two Un-Men. Procreation between Un-Men is extremely uncommon, and to date, there have only been thirteen recorded cases of second generation Un-Men surviving to adulthood. Adam was part of a group of Un-Men living in Romania as slaves for the amusement of Romanian socialite Alexiev Gogol. Gogol forced his Un-Men to prostrate themselves for the amusement of his party guests in a macabre living museum in the ballroom of his castle.


Other characters[edit | edit source]

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Actors[edit | edit source]

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Production Crew[edit | edit source]

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