Chris MacNeil from The Exorcist.

An actress is an individual of the female gender who performs professionally in either film, television or the theatre. In more recent years, the term "actor" has taken on a more gender-neutral definition and actresses are often referred to as actors as well. The term actress is still widely used in award ceremonies and most award shows have categories for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress.

A woman by the name of Anna, who had acquired no small measure of fame as a Hollywood film actress, was invited by Count Istvan to join with eight others and spend a weekend in a 15th century castle in Budapest, Hungary. This proved to be an ill-fated journey as Anna ultimately had her throat ripped out by a werewolf. [1]

Ramona Royale was a "blaxpoitation" queen of the 1970s, though she tried desperately to make it into more legitimate film work. Even falling in love with a big-time Hollywood producer wasn't enough to help her career, though it was actually the actions of a woman known as the Countess that brought Ramona's work as a film star at an end. The Countess was a vampire, and an insanely jealous woman who wanted Ramona all to herself. She killed Ramona and turned her into a vampire. [2]

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  • All information on this page should relate to fictional film actresses as seen in various media. It is not intended for out-of-universe real world information about actual performers.

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