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"30 Days of Night"
30 Days of Night Vol 2 1B.jpg
30 Days of Night
Title: "30 Days of Night"
Volume: 2
number: 1
Cover date: October, 2011
Cover price: $3.99
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Editor-in-Chief: Chris Ryall
Writers: Steve Niles
Pencilers: Sam Kieth
Inkers: Sam Kieth
Cover artists: Davide Furno [1]
Sam Kieth [2]
Fiona Staples [3]
Cover inker: Davide Furno [4]
Sam Kieth [5]
Fiona Staples [6]
Cover colorist: Davide Furno [7]
Sam Kieth [8]
Fiona Staples [9]
Colorists: Jay Fotos
Letterers: Neil Uyetake
Editors: Denton J. Tipton
Next: 30 Days of Night #2

30 Days of Night is the first untitled issue of the second volume of the 30 Days of Night comic book series by IDW Publishing and is the first ongoing title in the franchise. It was written by Steve Niles with artwork by Sam Kieth. The cover art for the original cover for this issue was composed by Davide Furno. It was colored by Jay Fotos and lettered by Neil Uyetake. The story was edited by Denton J. Tipton. This issue shipped with an October, 2011 cover date and carries a cover price of $3.99 (US).

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  • This issue shipped with a variant cover illustrated by Sam Kieth.
  • This issue shipped with a second variant cover illustrated by Fiona Staples.
  • This is the first appearance of Alice Blood. She appears next in issue #2.
  • The number of Alice's post office box is 666. This is a number that is traditionally associated with the Devil and Satanism.

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