"I can't paint a pretty picture for these folks anymore. Those things are tearing the entire town apart. We can't fight. We can't run."
Eben Olemaun
"30 Days of Night"
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30 Days of Night
Title: "30 Days of Night"
Volume: 1
number: 3
Cover date: October, 2002
Cover price: $3.99
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Editor-in-Chief: Chris Ryall
Executive editor: Kris Oprisko
Writers: Steve Niles
Pencilers: Ben Templesmith
Inkers: Ben Templesmith
Cover artists: Ashley Wood
Cover inker: Ashley Wood
Cover colorist: Ashley Wood
Colorists: Ben Templesmith
Letterers: Robbie Robbins
Editors: Kris Oprisko
Previous: 30 Days of Night #2

"30 Days of Night" is a three-issue American comic book limited series about vampires published by IDW Publishing. The untitled story to this issue was written by Steve Niles with interior artwork by Ben Templesmith, who also inked the issue as well as provided the coloring. The paintd cover art illustration was composed by Ashley Wood. The story was lettered by Robbie Robbins and edited by Kris Oprisko. This issue shipped with an October, 2002 cover date and carried a cover price of $3.99 per copy (US).

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  • Includes an advertisement for the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation comic book series.

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