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The 18th century is a one-hundred year period of time that spanned the years 1700 to 1799. Notable historical events that took place during this time include the French-Indian War and the American War for Independence (also referred to as the Revolutionary War).

On the 1960s Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows, a storyline was developed which has come to be unofficially known as "1795 Flashback". The setting of the story was the fictional town of Collinsport and the Collinwood estate in the years 1795-1796. A young woman from the year 1967 named Victoria Winters found herself mysteriously whisked backwards in time where she assumed the identity of a governess for the wealthy Collins family. During her stay in this era, Victoria was accused of witchcraft and sentenced to die. This storyline is notable for not only it's popularity amongst fans, but also because it provided the origin story of the show's most infamous character, Barnabas Collins, who was cursed to become a vampire by the witch Anqelique.

The vampire character Prince Mamuwalde was active during the latter half of the 18th century. Mamuwalde was a nobleman and African prince who, in 1780, had a diplomatic encounter with the notorious vampire Dracula while visiting his castle home in Transylvania in the hopes of enlisting Dracula's aid in his ongoing struggle to end slavery in his country. Dracula turned Mamuwalde into a vampire and locked him inside a coffin where he remained for over two centuries. When he rose from the grave, he became known as Blacula.

In the continuity of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel TV series, a young Irish lad from Galway named Liam was turned into a vampire by a woman named Darla in the year 1727. Due to his angelic features, Liam took on the nickname Angelus, which was also shortened to Angel.

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